UFC’s Megan Olivi bodies troll who tried to get one on Belal Muhammad

As one online troll discovered the hard way, UFC broadcaster Megan Olivi is not someone to be trifled with. She recently celebrated her 37th birthday on August 29 and had an unexpected encounter online.

One day after posting a heartwarming birthday message on her Instagram, Megan Olivi found herself at the receiving end of an unwarranted insult. A user by the handle @karl_7___ labeled her a ‘Karen’ in a seemingly unprovoked manner.

It all started during a press conference where Olivi displayed her unwavering support for UFC competitor Belal Muhammad by tackling a fan’s rather stupid questions. In response to this, Karl decided to brand Olivi as a ‘Karen.’

Megan Olivi swiftly responded to Karl’s provocation, defending her stance of safeguarding combatants from relentless scrutiny and those seeking viral moments. In a bold statement, Olivi declared:

“Oh I disappointed you, Karl? It is my job to be the bad guy up there. I’d rather you call me a ‘Karen’ for protecting fighters from incessant bulls**t and people looking for a viral moments then sitting up there not doing my job and letting the disrespect flow.”

“Where you there? Did you also hear the vitriol being yelling from fandoms in the crowd? No. They’re professional athletes who give their time for fans – not your punching bag because you watch them on TV. I will always put the fighters first. Get mad about it.”

Olivi’s response was nothing short of a mic drop moment, leaving Karl with no room for a comeback.

In the aftermath of this online skirmish, fans rallied behind Megan Olivi and celebrated her unwavering support for the combatants and her ability to stand up against trolls.

@Redthe. wrote: “You pressure-cooked him regardless.”

@samgonzalez92 commented, “put this in the list of biggest ufc beat downs”

@ChampCampMMA exclaimed, “Damn stright Megan is MMA Queen”

This incident was not an isolated one. Megan Olivi’s dedication to the competitors extends beyond her confrontation with Karl.

During a Q&A session with Belal Muhammad, Miesha Tate, Kelvin Gastelum, Maycee Barber, and Brendan Allen ahead of UFC 291, a fan took a sly dig at Muhammad’s grappling-heavy style by asking if he could win a street brawl via decision.

Muhammad responded with humor, saying: “That’s a great question. I’ll meet you outside, then we’ll find out.”

Megan Olivi swiftly came to Muhammad’s defense. She took control of the situation by shutting down the fan’s microphone.

Olivi stated: “Listen, you’re not talking. We’re not gonna do that again. I’ll shut the mics off.”