UFC’s Magny shares how Ian Garry labeling him as ‘child abuser’ affected his life

UFC welterweight competitor Neil Magny faced unexpected turmoil in the lead-up to his UFC 292 showdown with Ian Garry. The banter before their match took an alarming turn when Magny’s attempt at trash-talking backfired. Magny threatened to give his opponent a fatherly beating.

After that, Garry seemed to take the comments literally and accused Magny of abusing children. Now it seems that Garry’s remarks have seriously harmed his opponent’s life.

In an interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Magny revealed the detrimental impact of Garry’s accusations. The verbal onslaught led to headlines portraying Magny as a child abuser, causing severe repercussions.

Magny expressed, “[Garry’s comments] in itself had a lot more consequences than just like nonsense at the press conference. There were literally screenshots being taken of headlines saying that I’m a child abuser and I’d do this to my kids. There were screenshots being taken and put into apps and things like that that would be admissible in court where I’m literally fighting for custody of my children.”

He added: “When it was all said and done… there was something that came out very poorly on my end. The way he chose to blow it out of proportion has some pretty significant consequences for me. It was just a lot bigger than just selling a pay-per-view… It was literally my children’s relationship [with me] was at stake at that point.”

While Ian Garry has demonstrated his prowess in the UFC, recent times have proven challenging for the young combatant.

Garry faced his own set of controversies, including public backlash regarding his wife’s book on being a WAG (Wives and Girlfriends of sports figures). The social media uproar and trolling from fans and fellow combatants have clouded Garry’s recent career trajectory.

Garry even threatened to sue UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland in the midst of the intense criticism.

Despite moving past his bout with Garry, Neil Magny has been following the controversy involving his former opponent.

Reflecting on the situation during the interview, he mentioned: “I mean, I saw it. It is hard for me to like get away from it and ignore it… I’m not even exaggerating, [I’m getting tagged on] like 50 posts a day. I have literally 500 text messages of people who text me about things Ian Garry said.”