UFC’s Kevin Lee might spar Sean Strickland after Strickland accused brother of racism

UFC’s Kevin Lee has spent the majority of his career competing at lightweight. Yet this won’t stop him from allegedly facing Sean Strickland’s challenge.

Strickland has been in a heated back and forth with Lee’s brother, former MMA star turned tiktoker, Keith Lee.

Strickland stated, “He comes up to me and tried to talk to me about race, he tried to have this racial systematic oppression s—…like I don’t disagree…but I’m not trying to have this debate in the gym, I’m trying to spar.”

“He starts accusing me of being f—- racist, and I’m like, what are we f—– doing here dude? If I was racist, I’m the most honest mfer there.”


“I received a week straight of false allegations, negative comments, and negative backlash for something that I didn’t do.”

According to Lee, he approached Strickland and some friends who were already discussing race after practice. He joined the conversation, but contrary to Strickland’s account, Lee maintains that he never expressed any dislike for anyone. Instead, he disagreed with Strickland’s comments and chose not to entertain the conversation further.

“At no point did I say I didn’t like anybody. I simply disagreed with what he said, and instead of fighting ignorance with ignorance, I said no, I’m happily married with children and I’m very proud of the family that God has allowed me to build. I immediately disagreed with all the ignorant and distasteful comments that he made, and I was no longer interested in entertaining the conversation.”

Now it looks like Kevin Lee is getting involved, as per Strickland’s twitter:

“There is a small chance that Kevin lee might come to Vegas next week to defend his brothers honor…. No rules.. no time limit… No criminal prosecution… I don’t normally feel this level of joy… Man I haven’t cried in years but it’s happening……. thank you keith lee”

Strickland is no stranger to challenges and will spar anyone from top level boxers, to internet trolls.