UFC’s Jordan Leavitt explains why he twerks after victory

UFC cage has seen plenty of odd celebrations but Jordan Leavitt might just take the cake.

 Paddy Pimblett’s next opponent became somewhat notorious after performing a homoerotic half twerk in cage and doing the splits.

He’s somewhat of a female version of Vanessa Demopoulos.

Leavitt is scheduled to fight Pimblett at UFC London on July 23 and in order to rile up the Home crowd promised to twerk next to Pimblett’s knocked out body.

“I think it’s really funny that what this fight is being promoted off of is ‘fatboy’ vs ‘twerker’. We are hyping up the fight, but maybe not in the best way. At first, I kind of shook my butt as a joke once or twice but then I saw how much hate I got for it,” he told Mirror .

“Then I saw how much hate I got for it, so I am kind of just trolling at this point and doing it just to annoy people. Especially when I’m in a bad mood already whilst cutting weight, I read messages that I think are fan-mail but it’s actually hate-mail like ‘you’re getting knocked out, you suck’

“It’s okay if I make these people a little bit angry, it doesn’t matter too much. At this point I’m just trolling, the twerking will be behind me some day but right now I’ve still got to p*** off a few more people.”

This is quite a tone change from earlier last month when he claimed he wasn’t twerking and that it was ‘half a twerk’.