UFC’s Ian Garry admits to hiring wife’s ex as his nutritionist so they could all travel together

UFC welterweight contender Ian Garry has faced scrutiny over taking up his wife’s last name. His last name is Machado, which is actually his wife’s maiden name. In a recent interview, Garry clarified the story behind his name and family dynamics.

Garry explained that he took up that surname as a part of Brazilian custom. In Brazil, it’s a common practice for individuals to amalgamate both the mother and father’s names upon marriage.

“Her mother’s name. So her mother’s name, and in Brazil, when Brazilians get married, they usually take the mother and the father’s name. So it’s a Brazilian thing. It’s a South American thing where they take the same like, they don’t wanna lose connections to their family.”

Garry further disclosed that his decision to embrace the name Machado was driven by a desire to strengthen familial bonds. He revealed that he took on the name Machado so his son could share a last name with his stepson.

“The truth is, I only did it because I wanted my son and my stepson to really feel connected. I didn’t want them going through life for 2 separate surnames. I feel like there’s a little bit of a disconnect. If you guys wanna be brothers, I wanna make sure that you guys have that same connection. That was the main reason for me.”

Additionally, Garry invited his wife’s ex-husband to work as his nutritionist. He wanted the ex-husband to be more involved in his stepson’s life.

He continued: “The main reason behind my wife’s ex-husband was he is an elite performance nutritionist. And he’s very f**king good at what he does, right to the point at which we’ve done every single weight cut for the UFC and they’ve been easier and easier and easier every single time. We’ve worked phenomenally together.”

Garry also emphasized that he never wants to come between the relationship between his stepson and his biological father..

“He’s also the father of my wife’s son. And I never want to be a wedge between a father and his son. I never want that in my conscience. So I know that we’re going on this adventure to travel the world. Hey, dude. Wanna travel the world, be my nutritionist, and we can all do this together? We cannot… you can come and see your son whenever you want.”

Garry went on to explain how he just wants to do the right thing so that his family is happy.

He continued: “I want to be a good human, I want to be a good man, and I never want to be a wedge between a father and a son because I know if someone was to be a wedge between me and my son I’d be livid. I’d be livid and I’d hate that person. And I never want that on my conscience.”

Even though the last name situation and family dynamics have drawn criticism, Garry clarified his motivations come from a place of inclusion and supporting family relationships.