UFC’s Gorimbo thankful to “great man” Colby Covington for supporting him through poverty

Upcoming welterweight Themba Gorimbo recently made a significant change in his training routine by joining Colby Covington at MMA Masters in Miami, Florida. In a press conference held prior to his upcoming bout at UFC: Dern vs. Hill, Gorimbo revealed something unexpected.

Gorimbo spoke highly of Colby Covington, referring to him as a ‘great man’ and shedding light on the positive experiences he has had with his new teammate.

He said: “Colby Covington, he’s such a great guy, man. Colby Covington, sometimes you bring food for me at the gym, you know. And people say what they want to say about him. But that guy is a great man, man. You have to know him to kind of know him.”

“Just like me, you have to know me to kind of know me, you know. At the end of the day it’s just business. And I found home and I’m going all the way to the belt with the gym that I have now… And I have kind of found my serenity myself in Miami.”

This is interesting considering Covington is a controversial personality often accused of racism.

Themba Gorimbo faced Takashi Sato during the preliminary card. Gorimbo secured a unanimous decision after three rounds of combat.

In his post-bout interview with Michael Bisping, Gorimbo couldn’t contain his excitement.

He said: “I can’t believe I’m in front of Michael Bisping. Dreams do come true for sure. And this is for my people. The love I have for Jason House, I love you probably more than your wife. Sorry Alisa.”

“And my coach… You made me cry when I arrived in Miami seven weeks ago without money, without anything, the people back home my clients put money together for me to come to Miami and I didn’t have any time this man, that man looked after me. I appreciate each and everyone at MMA Masters.”

Themba Gorimbo concluded his interview by issuing a warning to the welterweight division. Confident in his abilities, he said: “I’m coming all the way to the welterweight [championship], come to my press conference, I got some names for you.”