UFC’s Fluffy Hernandez talks bantering with Mario Lopez while locking in a RNC submsission win

UFC middleweight contender Anthony Hernandez recently appeared on The MMA Hour and discussed his incredible submission victory against Roman Kopylav at UFC 298.

Hernandez explained how seeing celebrity Mario Lopez enthusiastically cheering him on from the crowd gave him an extra boost during the match.

He said: “I see f**king Mario Lopez is there. Cool a** dude like we chitchat every

Hernandez went on to vividly describe his mindset after locking in the rear naked choke on Gallagher. He said: “I’m not like the type of guy to talk s**t in interviews and like to honestly even do interviews but when I fight you know what I mean, it’s like that’s me. This is who I am.”

“This is a f**king game of war, you know what I mean. Like I’m gonna talk my s**t when we’re fighting because now I can hit you. I’ll try to get in your f**king head so that’s just who I am as a person.”


The rising UFC lightweight contender also gave insight into his motivation for competing at the highest level, which is providing financial security for his family.

When asked who he would like to compete against next, Hernandez replied: “Honestly, anyone who’s ahead of me. Like whoever the f**k is going to get me to the title the fastest way, I will take. I’ll fight anyone. I’ve said this for like a long time, I mean it. Like I don’t give a f**k. I feel like I’ll beat them somehow, and if not, I’ll gas him the f**k out and then strangle him or some s**t, you know me.”

The rising UFC lightweight contender’s singular focus and determination were evident throughout the open and honest interview. His epic submission victory over Kopylav proved Hernandez is quickly becoming a major force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s stacked middleweight division.