UFC’s Du Plessis riles up MMA fans with his homo-erotic moment to the chagrin of Novak Djokovic

UFC middleweight contender Dricus Du Plessis is currently enjoying a leisurely break in the heart of Paris, France. He has immersed himself in the fervor of the Rugby World Cup.

The South African has been actively sharing captivating snapshots of his experiences with friends on his Instagram handle. Notably, eagle-eyed fans also spotted him relishing the event alongside tennis icon Novak Djokovic.

Hailing from South Africa, Dricus Du Plessis has consistently championed the cause of being the first champion from Africa who received training within the continent itself. Most recently, South Africa won a nail-biting victory over New Zealand with a slender scoreline of 12-11 in the Rugby World Cup 2023 finals.

Despite facing an early setback in the group stages, South Africa’s unwavering pursuit of the title showed the players’ tenacity and fortitude. Their strategic brilliance and unyielding defense culminated in the much-coveted win.

Dricus Du Plessis took to Instagram to share a picture featuring himself and a friend boldly donning South African flag-themed underwear against the iconic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Against the beautiful background of the Eiffel Tower, the buddy planned a humorous fake proposal to Du Plessis.

However, this post inadvertently triggered an overwhelmingly negative response, putting Du Plessis in a torrent of severe criticism.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“Seems like the type to clap some dude’s cheeks.”

“Dricus found out Adesanya painted his nails so he decided to one up.”

“Cringe af [as f**lk] Please delete.”

Despite the uncertainty and difficulties he faces, Dricus Du Plessis is unfazed and has a middleweight title shot chance on his mind.

Following a stellar victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 290, Du Plessis found himself on the brink of a title shot. Unfortunately, a broken foot derailed his immediate plans. This led to Sean Strickland securing the title instead.

Refusing to resort to begging, Du Plessis remains dedicated to his journey. He wants to win the title and is contemplating a potential transition to the light heavyweight division.

Speaking in a recent interview with FOX West Texas, Du Plessis declared:

“Life’s not fair, and the fight game is definitely not fair. I just said what I’ll do now is I’ll run over the whole division, I’ll run over the top five of this division, which will only make my move to light heavyweight quicker and easier. … Right now I’m not going to beg for any title shot. I’ve never begged for anything, I’ve fought for it.”