UFC’s Darren Till feels ‘depressed like Tyson Fury’ after latest injury

Darren Till believes he is at a low point comparable to the one friend Tyson Fury experienced before his boxing return. It’s interesting Till would compare it to Fury considering Fury is currently under sanctions for his association with a mutual friend Daniel Kinahan.

The Liverpool native was scheduled to compete against Jack Hermansson in the co-main event at The O2 venue in London. However, he had to withdraw from the fight due to an injury.


After extended layoffs, Darren Till has only been inside of the cage twice since 2019. He lost both – to Robert Whittaker and Derek Brunson.

Till has acknowledged that his most recent cancellation has made him sad. He compared his circumstance to Fury’s in 2017. Fury had gained weight as a result of mental health difficulties.

Till said during an interview on Blockasset’s podcast.

“It’s just so frustrating at this point in my career. feel like I’m in a Tyson Fury moment.”

“Remember when he was going through that depressed stage? And I feel like that’s where I’m at now. Obviously I’m not drinking and taking drugs – that’s not my way. But I still feel like that.”

“Honestly, I’m not about that new age of, ‘Oh, I’m depressed,’ mental health and all that bulls***. I come from a different era. But it just makes you feel so f***ing low, s*** like this.

“I’m not a crying, man, or anything, but it f***ing frustrates me so much. I’m so p***ed off with it. It doesn’t bother me, but it does. Anyone who says the trolls don’t bother you is a liar.”

“Don’t get me wrong – I f***ing give it back to the c***s. But some little comments get to you, like, ‘Oh, retire now.’ What do you mean retire? What the f*** are you harping on about? I haven’t even dented my prime yet. I know where I’m at, but you just have to take that s*** on the chin.”

Till continued: “It’s just such a f***ing depressing time for me at the moment. Because listen, trolls don’t bother me. But it’s just these f***ing comments and all these, even fighters, like, ‘oh, he pulled out.’”

“I’m like, ‘Mate, come to the gym and I’ll f***ing take you out.’ It’s just so frustrating for me right now. It really is. I’m at a f***ing low point.”


Of course, Till is neglecting to mention that his issues stem from a decision to not get surgery on his shredded ACL.

After that bout TIll’s coach Colin Heron revealed he completely tore his ACL nine weeks before the fight.

“It happened about nine weeks out, wrestling,” Heron told ESPN. “We got it scanned, looked at properly. The results came back as a completely torn ACL. So, he’s out, isn’t he? That was the advice from me and the doctors. Rest. You can’t do nothing. Surgery is a must. No running, no fast movement, no impact.

“Darren being Darren, he said, ‘Can we give it two weeks and see if I can start running and hit pads?’ And I’m like, ‘No, not really. A torn ACL doesn’t get better by itself. You’re talking surgery and then six months of rehab alone.’ But before you know it he’s talked me into it, as he does. I’ve really only got one option then: support him, whatever his decision is. If he’s not going to take my advice, I’ve got to stick with him. I can’t disown him. We made the best of it that we could.”

Typical recovery for a torn ACL usually ranges between nine and 12 months and involves surgery. But it appears Till never actually underwent surgery and instead opted to go without.

Till has since been spotted getting  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injected into his knee. This is an experimental treatment that may reduce pain from osteoarthritis