UFC’s Dana White: Women of any size can put a man to sleep quickly with jiu-jitsu

UFC President Dana White has long been an advocate for the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , especially when it comes to women’s self-defense. In a recent conversation, White emphasized the empowering nature of BJJ, stating that a woman of any size can utilize its techniques to render a man unconscious in mere seconds.

“The biggest selling point for jiu-jitsu for women is that no matter how big or how small, a woman can put a guy to sleep in three and a half seconds,” White declared. This statement highlights the equalizing power of BJJ, which relies on leverage, technique, and precision rather than brute strength.

White’s assertion stems from the fundamental principles of BJJ, which focus on using an opponent’s force against them, applying chokes and joint locks to subdue adversaries. These techniques, when properly executed, can swiftly incapacitate an assailant, regardless of size or strength disparities.

The UFC President’s advocacy for BJJ as a means of self-defense for women is particularly significant given the global reach and influence of the UFC brand. By promoting the art’s effectiveness in real-life situations, White is encouraging more women to explore and train in this empowering martial art.

Moreover, White’s comments underscore the importance of practical self-defense training for women, who may face threats from larger, stronger assailants. BJJ provides a skillset that can level the playing field and equip women with the tools to protect themselves effectively.

As the popularity of BJJ continues to grow, particularly among women, White’s endorsement serves as a powerful testament to the art’s efficacy and its potential to empower individuals of all sizes and backgrounds with the ability to defend themselves if necessary.