UFC’s Dana White keeps promise, replaces Peloton gym equipment after woke attempt

UFC CEO Dana White recently made a decision that surprised the fitness and entertainment industries. White took a firm stance against Peloton workout equipment, demanding the complete removal of all Peloton cycles from the UFC Performance Institute.

This bold move came in the wake of a heated altercation between comedian Theo Von and the New York-based fitness brand.

In a swift response to the spat involving Theo Von and Peloton, Dana White fulfilled his promise by replacing the ousted Peloton bikes with those from Echelon. Through an Instagram story where he tagged comedian Theo Von, White showcased the new Echelon bikes.

He confidently stated, “People hit me up asking me if I really got rid of the Pelotons. What did I tell you? Pelotons are gone.. These are Echelon. Here we go Theo, we got the Echelon bikes now. See, who needs Peloton.”

All of this began when Theo Von got into a spat with the Peloton company . Von openly expressed discontent after program sponsor Peloton insisted on removing an interview he conducted with presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Unafraid to voice his opinions, Dana White criticized the firm and its CEO Barry McCarthy. Subsequently, White vowed to remove Peloton equipment from the UFC Performance Institute and he fiercely upheld it.

Amidst these conflicts, Peloton faced financial turbulence and registered a substantial net loss of $159.3 million for the third quarter of 2023. Dana White’s public condemnation and the subsequent removal of Peloton equipment from the UFC gym tarnished its reputation further.

Beyond the Peloton debacle, Dana White’s resilience shone through in a podcast hosted by Theo Von. He recounted an incident where a significant UFC sponsor pressured him to remove a post supporting former President Donald Trump.

White’s response was unwavering and direct: “Go f*** yourself.” He defended his autonomy, asserting his right to vote for whomever he chooses and refusing external influence.