UFC’s Dana White: ‘I don’t ever want to see a day where a biological male is competing against my daughter’

In a recent interview with Talk TV host Piers Morgan on ‘Uncensored’, newly-appointed UFC CEO Dana White expressed his strong reservations regarding the participation of trans-athletes in high-level sports.

Known for his candid opinions, White referred to this development as ‘nutty’ and ‘insane’. This discussion comes amidst a growing debate surrounding the inclusion of transgender individuals in competitive sports, prompting various organizations to consider implementing bans.

One notable decision came from British Cycling as they prohibited transgender women from competing in the female category. A prominent figure in the world of combat sports, White has added his voice to this controversial issue.

He emphasized his concerns, stating: “I have a daughter, I don’t ever want to see a day where somebody who is a biological male is competing against my daughter. No, I think it’s another nutty, insane thing that’s happening in the world today, that we are all trying to deal with.”

“I am just glad there’s no, my daughter is a cheerleader, so she’s not playing any competitive sports, but it hasn’t happened in the cheer world yet”

British Cycling’s CEO Jon Dutton defended the organisation’s stance recently, asserting that their policies were the result of a thorough nine-month review process. He emphasized the need to balance the fairness of cyclesport competition with providing opportunities for all riders.

He stated: “Our new policies are the product of a robust nine-month review process, which we know will have a very real-world impact for our community both now and in the future. I am confident that we have developed policies that both safeguard the fairness of cyclesport competition, whilst ensuring all riders have opportunities to participate.”

Previously, British Cycling permitted transgender women to compete in the female category if they had maintained testosterone levels below five nanomoles per litre over a year.

But this policy was suspended after an incident involving transgender cyclist Emily Bridges, who attempted to participate in the National Omnium Championships. This incident prompted a reevaluation of the existing regulations.

In contrast to cycling, the sport of weightlifting has taken a distinct approach. New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard was allowed to compete in the female category at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after transitioning in 2012. This decision sparked further discussion about how various sports organizations navigate the inclusion of trans-athletes.

During the interview with Piers Morgan, Dana White also opened up about a personal incident involving his family. He disclosed how his eldest son distanced himself for four days after a publicized altercation with his wife Anne in a club on New Year’s Eve.