UFC’s Bryce Mitchell details how he ruined his back by doing 10 Mile runs in Cowboy boots

Bryce Mitchell is a notable figure in the UFC and is renowned for his unconventional thinking. He recently admitted that he could have been hurt as a consequence of his peculiar training methods.

From his conspiracy-laden perspective on the world to his peculiar affinity for power drills and distinctive camo shorts in the Octagon, Mitchell is quite weird and unique. Despite a recent setback against Ilia Topuria, he has demonstrated remarkable skills inside the cage.

After facing his first professional loss against Topuria, Bryce Mitchell is eager to reclaim victory at UFC Fight Night: Fiziev vs. Gamrot. His return was delayed due to an unfortunate withdrawal from a bout against Movsar Evloev at UFC 288. Mitchell had to pull out due to a sudden injury.

During a candid conversation on the Believe You Me podcast, Mitchell shed light on his persistent back issues. He attributed them to a peculiar habit of running in cowboy boots. He was doing this to strengthen his feet, but stopped when a doctor advised him to.

Mitchell explained: “I’ve still got a disc problem in my back. I’ve got 40% left of one of my discs, and if I’m not doing my stretching therapy, my hot/cold therapy, stuff like that… I just have to work around this injury. It’s an injury that won’t go away, but also it won’t flare up if nothing happens.”

He continued, “For example, I used to run like 10 miles in cowboy boots, because I thought it would make your feet, your legs stronger. So I literally would run 10 miles in cowboy boots. Then my back would lock up, and the doctor told me, ‘You can’t be running in boots no more.’ I can’t do squats.”

“I used to put s**t on my back and carry it around. I can’t carry s**t on my back. I can carry stuff, but I have to actually lift it up with my hands. I can’t put s**t on my back.”

Mitchell went on to say how he has incorporated yoga into his life now. He stated: So I can’t do squats. I can’t run in cowboy boots. I do yoga now. I used to think yoga was gay. Yoga’s not gay. You can f**king do yoga.”

Bryce Mitchell’s journey in the featherweight division promises a bright future, provided he manages his back issues effectively.