UFC’s Bo Nickal turns on Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs: Bro, you’re a freaking fraud

UFC middleweight Bo Nickal and Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs recently engaged in a heated exchange online during the recent NCAA Wrestling Championships.

Burroughs was commentating for ESPN and couldn’t hold back from talking about Penn State’s Carter Starocci’s win. Despite a serious knee injury that many speculated could be a torn ACL, Starocci went on to win the tournament.

In the midst of the match, Burroughs advised UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier that Starocci’s opponent needed to focus on his wounded leg throughout the match.

After the match, Starocci talked about the Olympic wrestling trials that will take place in April. He is anticipated to compete in the same division as Burroughs, 74 kilos (163 pounds). Burroughs reiterated his earlier threat to use Starocci’s injury against him if given the opportunity.

On the ESPN broadcast, Burroughs stated: “He said April 19 and 20. I know a guy that’s going to be there. I’d love to see him. I tell you what, if him and I meet each other in the bracket, I’m going right for that right leg.”

Bo Nickal is a three-time NCAA titleholder at Penn State. Heswiftly condemned Burroughs’ comments as he deemed Burroughs “unprofessional” and that it was “really classy” for him to acknowledge that he would go after Starocci’s damaged leg.

Burroughs retaliated on social media, reminding Nickal of his own profession: “You punch guys in the face for a living. Shut up.”

Days later on his podcast, Nickal talked in details about his discontent with Burroughs. He particularly focused on Burroughs’ overshadowing of Starocci’s achievement. Nickal found fault in Burroughs’ apparent need to redirect the spotlight onto himself during Starocci’s monumental moment.

Burroughs placed the focus back on himself, refusing to give Starocci a chance to celebrate being the sixth person in history to win four NCAA championships in Division I wrestling.

Nickal said: “The thing that bothers me is nobody sees this. He always tries to act like an ambassador of the sport and, ‘Oh, congratulations to Penn State, I’m so proud of you guys and what you’re doing.’ Bro, you’re a freaking fraud. You just want to make it about yourself.”

With the Olympic trials looming just after Nickal’s next UFC bout, reconciliation seems improbable. Nickal anticipates a confrontation with Burroughs in the near future.

He said: “Don’t come at our guys and don’t act friendly to me when I see you. Because I guarantee you, he’ll try to see me and be like, ‘What’s up Bo, dap it up,’ and be cool. I’m like no, we’re not cool. I don’t really care to be cool with you.”