UFC’s Aljamain Sterling reveals he fired his management team

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling recently announced that he has parted ways with his management team. He explained that money is the main reason for his decision.

Aljamain Sterling recently shared an interesting update on his Youtube channel. He discussed various things including his MMA management. In the video, ‘Funk Master’ revealed that he has switched several management companies in the past few years.

He explained that he has been with Dave Martin’s management company and with First Round Management. He also tried to stand alone and became a free agent for a couple of years. Sterling was also managed by VaynerSports, but none of the management firms worked out for him.

The 33-year-old explained his main issue is due to the fact management companies take a percentage of athlete’s earnings.

“I just think the policy is the way that these managers have been doing things — the whole 10 percent thing and negotiating one time on our behalf. There’s just a couple things that I think are very, very old school.” Sterling said.

He added, “I do think these are also things that need to be looked at and can be tweaked; maybe on a client-by-client basis. I’m not telling anyone how to do their job.”

“But I do know we go in there and we fight very, very hard. We train very, very hard. And money that’s paid out needs to be earned. And I think that’s the most politically correct way I could put it.”

Aljamain Sterling defended his title for the second time at UFC 280 last month against TJ Dillashaw.

White subsequently confirmed UFC is interested in making Sterling face former two-division champion Henry Cejudo who is ready to come out of retirement. However, Sterling doesn’t plan to perform again anytime soon.

This kind of thing is nothing new. There’s been an epidemic of UFC talent sacking their managers in attempt to get that 10% bump on their paychecks. Prior to Sterling, Dominick Cruz, Sean O’Malley and Colby Covington all discussed sacking their managers in order to be better off financially.

This has been a mixed bag. Covington in particular may have played himself considering the fact he received no PPV points for UFC 272 clash against Jorge Masvidal – which was his last appearance in the cage.

While there’s an argument to be made that some managers are exploitative and pushing their clients to take bad deals it’s not that great to have to negotiate yourself.

Masvidal is rumored to have earned at least $600.000 for his main event appearance at UFC 272. He signed a new contract prior to the event.

“My kids’ kids are gonna be good for a long time,” Masvidal said of his new contract. “So you sell that pay-per-view, boy.”