UFC’s Alex Pereira puts ex on blast after nasty break up, she responds

Renowned UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira appears to be grappling with challenges beyond the confines of the Octagon.

Not too long ago, avid MMA enthusiasts observed a significant development in Pereira’s personal life. The champion and his long-time girlfriend made a conspicuous move on social media – they unfollowed each other and promptly removed any trace of their relationship by deleting mutual pictures.

Amidst the buzz surrounding UFC 297 in Toronto, Pereira took the opportunity to address the elephant in the room during an interview with Full Send MMA. One of the topics they talked about was his recent breakup.

Pereira’s revelation left fans in disbelief. According to the champion, he decided to end the relationship after an unexpected discovery – his now ex-girlfriend was already married.

Pereira shared, “Well, it’s hard to talk about this because I already deleted this person from my life, I would also like to ask my fans to also delete her from your life, it was a person I believed in, I put her in my house together with my family after all I found out that she was married.”

The MMA community was taken aback by Pereira’s candid admission. Fans who had been following the couple’s journey were surprised by this unexpected twist.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“I feel bad for whoever fights this man next😳”

“Send prayers to Jamahal Hill or Magomed Ankalaev if either of those men fighting Alex Pereira next for the 205 lbs strap.”

“Imaging putting someone in ur house, trusting them around ur kids damn”

“Bro tell me those are fake subtitles imma cry rn”

She was quick to respond after UFC fans flooded her social media: