UFC’s Ailin Perez Made $6k more from OF in a day than from her UFC bout

Ailin Perez recently surprised many by revealing that her income from OF exceeded her earnings from her latest UFC match.

Following her victory at UFC Vegas 82, Perez took the opportunity to mention her OF account. However, she then decided to make her OF content freely accessible to her followers.

Perez became viral after her bout for twerking in front of the commentating crew inside the Octagon.

Since making her OF subscription-free in the wake of her win, Perez reported a substantial influx of sign-ups and donations. Within the short span from Thursday onward, she amassed a staggering $30,000. This amount surpassed the $24,000 she earned from her recent UFC Vegas 82 showdown.

Sharing her financial success story on The MMA Hour, Ailin Perez remarked: “On a month-to-month basis, it really depends on how it’s been because I keep evolving with this. But, since Thursday until now, it’s been over $30,000.”

“Each time I fight it is going to keep multiplying, it’s just going to be better every time I fight… I got paid $24,000 for the fight because I’m on my first contract. As I keep fighting I will get paid more and more and by the next contract, hopefully, it is more.”

“By the next fight, hopefully, I get a new extension, which is what I’m looking for and hopefully, I can multiply that number so it is even better pay than what I got.”

While Perez’s $24,000 UFC payout aligns with the documented starting contract figures, the revelation that her OnlyFans income surpasses her combat sports earnings echoes a growing trend.

Notably, Paige VanZant has echoed similar sentiments regarding her earnings outside the UFC sphere.

Steering away from the financial narrative, Ailin Perez’s combat sports career boasts a record of 9-2 as a professional. Additionally, she holds a UFC record of 2-1.

Currently on a two-bout winning streak, Perez clinched victories against Lucie Pudilova and Ashlee Evans-Smith. He won both bouts via unanimous decision.

Despite a submission loss to Stephanie Egger in her promotional debut, Perez continues to display resilience and promise within the UFC realm.