UFC veteran thinks Ryan Garcia’s recent “mania” caused by weed

Ryan Garcia has been exhibiting erratic behavior recently, particularly since the announcement of his upcoming match against Devin Haney. This behavior has raised eyebrows within the combat sports community. Speculations about the underlying causes have surfaced, with one former UFC star suggesting a correlation with Garcia’s m**ijuana usage.

In a recent video shared on X, Garcia vehemently criticized the NSAC for requiring him to undergo a mental health evaluation before his bout with Haney. He not only contested this demand but also hinted at potential legal repercussions against the commission. He also touched upon the use of marijuana, citing that it is his therapist’s recommendation.

Fomer UFC star Jake Shields weighed in on the matter, shedding light on the potential consequences of m**arijuana consumption on mental health. In a statement on X, Shields expressed his belief that the NSAC’s precautionary measures were justified.

He wrote: “I’m not defending NSAC, but Ryan Garcia is almost certainly getting manic due to smoking w*ed. This is something I thought wasn ‘t real until I saw it happened to two friends. When they stopped smoking, the mania went away, and when they started again, it

Shields further elaborated that individuals under the influence of marijuana often neglect to acknowledge the detrimental effects until they reach a critical point, possibly requiring institutionalization.

Also, Garcia recently targeted Canadian singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye in a series of unconventional social media posts. He is popularly known as ‘The Weeknd’.  Accusing Tesfaye of engaging in satanic rituals, Garcia urged the musician to repent and embrace spiritual redemption.

“They tell you to your face! That’s why he had satanic rituals at his concerts. I was there, and he lost his voice because I was rebuking it in the name of Jesus! ALL PRAISE TO JESUS. There is hope for Abel. Just repent and understand you can ‘t actually sell something that was
never yours, to begin with. ITS GOD’s because he created you so you can still be with Christ.”