UFC veteran Sam Alvey sends dramatic call-out to Logan and Jake Paul

Former UFC competitor Sam Alvey recently made headlines with a WWE-style promo where he called out popular YouTubers Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Alvey was released from the UFC last year. He marked his return to the ring with an impressive victory at the B2 Fighting Series 183 event held in Columbus, Georgia.

In his heavyweight debut, Alvey decisively defeated Cameron Graham by third-round TKO. This snapped his nine-bout losing record that resulted in his dismissal from the UFC.

Following his victory Alvey wasted no time in issuing a callout to Jake Paul while surprisingly overlooking former UFC heavyweight champion and new PFL signee Francis Ngannou. Additionally, Alvey extended the challenge to Logan Paul for a TLC wrestling match.

The 37-year-old combatant made his intentions clear, stating:

“Francis, you’re off the hook. Jake Paul, your a** is back on the hook my man. I would love to [fight you] in the PFL. I would love to [fight you] with gloves. And when I’m done with you, I’m coming back for your brother, Logan Paul.”

“I will pin you, one, two, three in ladders, tables and chairs match. It has been offered, you accept Paul brothers. I’m coming for you.”

This is not the first time Sam Alvey has publicly called out the Paul brothers. In his previous attempts to secure a bout, Alvey revealed that he had actually sparred with Logan Paul in the past.

Alvey acknowledged that both the boys’ athleticism and high school wrestling experience were obvious. Jake Paul allegedly declined to spar with Alvey after seeing him compete against Logan.

Acknowledging the athleticism and high school wrestling background of both brothers, Alvey expressed his intentions in an interview with Talkin’ MMA:

“No, they’re garbage. Very athletic, at least Logan. I didn’t get to spar with Jake Paul. And you can tell they both used to be high school wrestling champions or state champions, I think. Like, you can see Logan Paul in the WWE, very athletic. Logan seemed like a nice guy.”

“Jake Paul didn’t want to spar with me after he saw me with Logan. I was being super nice to him. I mean I was the experienced guy, he was the YouTube guy.”