UFC veteran Phil Baroni claims he is innocent in girlfriend’s death

MMA legend Rampage Jackson recently spoke out about the surprising allegations against fellow UFC veteran Phil Baroni in his recent podcast episode. Baroni is currently in prison in Mexico for allegedly murdering his girlfriend.

According to Jackson, “I was in Japan the last time I was talking to him. Me and Antonio McKee was sitting in Japan because his son was about to fight, and Phil Baroni was looking for a fight. I told McKee ‘Hey can you give him a bare knuckle fight?’ McKee was like,’Yeah, we can get him something.'”

“We was chatting and stuff like that, and then a couple days later, ‘cuz I had posted something on Phil Baroni’s page and the girl whose friend it was DMd me, and told me that Phil Baroni murdered her best friend.”

Jackson also mentioned that Baroni is in a jail in Mexico awaiting his trial. He stated: “A couple days after I talked to him. He’s in jail right now…”

While the details are still unclear, Rampage said the victim was found dead in the shower. She apparently passed away from blunt force trauma. Baroni claims he is innocent and that he came home to find his girlfriend already deceased.

Jackson said: “He says he’s innocent. His lawyer said that he’s innocent, that he went to the store, and he came back and his girl was killed.”

Rampage also admitted he still owes Baroni money from a previous deal in which Baroni helped set him up for an event appearance. He had been trying to pay Baroni back, but it was difficult with him stuck in Mexico.

Jackson stated: “He has been stuck in Mexico for a long time. He had been stuck there for at least a year. I owed him money… I owe Phil Baroni money.”

This is a tragic and surprising situation for the MMA community. Baroni is a veteran of the UFC, and Pride FC. He is known for his aggressive combat style. If found guilty of this horrific crime, it will certainly tarnish his reputation.

The details may still be fuzzy, but these allegations could mean the end of Baroni’s MMA career.

In 2001, Baroni made his UFC debut by winning against Curtis Stout. He faced many opponents in the Octagon who were vying for the middleweight belt in the UFC.

In 2005, he made his Pride debut and had to competed six times to advance. Baroni participated in UFC comebacks in 2009 and 2011. He has also competed in Strikeforce, EliteXC, OneFC, DREAM, and Bellator.

Until the trial begins, Baroni will be housed in Venustiano Carranza State Jail in Tepic, Mexico.