UFC veteran Lee Murray “wouldn’t change” a thing, after involvement in $66 million bank robbery

UFC veteran Lee Murray plans to make a comeback in the sport of MMA after his release from prison in 2035. Murray last competed against UFC icon Anderson Silva in a title bout in 2004.

Murray was one of the masterminds behind the UK’s largest money heist. It is the February 2006 Securitas depot robbery in Tonbridge, England. Around $66 million was stolen in the robbery. He was arrested and eventually found guilty of conspiracy, along with Paul Allen, Stuart Royle, Roger Coutts, Emir Hysenaj, Jetmir Bucpapa, and Lea Rusha.

Murray’s story will be told in the upcoming documentary that airs on Showtime this Friday. In his appearance in the new four-part documentary ‘Catching Lightning,’ Murray spoke about the incident. The former UFC star expressed regret over his deeda but also stated that he wouldn’t change his actions if given the chance.

In the final episode of the documentary, he said: “If I could turn back the clock and change what I done I wouldn’t change what I done. I am who I am today and I’m happy how I am today. Back then I was a wild man. I didn’t think. I didn’t think right. I didn’t think ahead. I didn’t think of the future. The way I think now is totally different.”

Murray was sentenced to ten years in prison in 2010, which was later extended to 25 years. He spent time in solitary confinement and the investigation still remains open with $39 million still unaccounted for.

Despite his past, Murray is looking to make the most of his future. Murray’s time in prison has given him a new perspective on life.

He said: “In prison you get to see what’s important in life. In that time I’ve had my youngest son Lorenzo and also I’ve got my wife Nicola and I wouldn’t change them for the world. And as for my other children, you know I haven’t been there for them. You know I was just lying for the moment.”