UFC veteran gets violated by community notes after engagement baiting

Jake Shields has been nothing short of polarizing. Unlike many MMA stars who opt to open up gyms or dedicate themselves to coaching, Shields pivoted to becoming a conservative influencer in his retirement.

This is especially interesting because Shields is a lifetime vegan who was raised in a cult.

Jake Shields previously offered $200,000 to any transman willing to face him in the ring.

Shields expressed his readiness to take on ten transmen consecutively, without breaks in between bouts, but so far, no one has accepted the challenge.

For a while it seemed like Shields was inching his way towards mainstream but he got demonetized by X and his tweets received less reach subsequently.

All this changed when Shields delivered a provocative line harkening back to his beginnings as a conservative influencer.

“Any man who wore a mask or got vaccinated is a coward or stupid

Be cautious of these men and never fully trust them” – Shields wrote on his social media.

Sadly Shields wasn’t able to enjoy his time in the limelight, because he got bodied in replies – and community notes soon followed.