UFC veteran Ben Askren calls for a wrestler to get banned over illegal submission

Veteran of UFC, ONE FC and Bellator, Ben Askren just reacted to the viral video of an egregious wrestling foul in a match. He wants the wrestler banned for the whole season.

The South Dakota Wrestling Scouting Report posted the incident saying:

“This is wrestling not UFC there is no need for this in this sport. The end is what ended the match with tanner defaulting due to injury from a illegal move. Ref was going to let this go all day if Hahn didn’t step out there to his injured athlete.”

The video shows a young wrestler (wearing yellow and blue) being unusually aggressive toward his opponent. He is hitting him and ends the matchup by injuring him via an illegal arm-wrenching submission. The ref is also incompetent as he doesn’t stop the match in time.

Most people commenting on the video are criticizing the wrestler. But some are saying that wrestling is an intense sport and that the victim wasn’t showing the right resistance. The man in question is Baylor Fernandes, UNCO 165.

The aggressor represents the Northern Colorado wrestling team. Someone posted another video of him using similar underhanded tactics in a previous matchup. The satisfying part is that he still manages to lose the contest.

The video gained a lot of traction, enough to warrant a response from the MMA legend as well. Askren wrote: “Such a dirtbag move, kick him out for the season”

With such negative press, the athlete could be dropped from the team soon.

This is eerily similar to an incident that went viral sometime last year.

In any combat sports things are bound to get heated, but there are certain things that are universally considered as dirty moves. One such case is yanking a submission. This is exactly what transpired between Sanchez and Strickland.

Strickland was very visibly upset afterwards and even threw some strikes at the smug Sanchez who kept pretending nothing was up

Sanchez is known to use troubling techniques in training and is generally a controversial figure in the sport.

Sadly, Sanchez passed away earlier last year. He was just 40 years old.