UFC veteran alleges McGregor is being held hostage until he signs a new contract

Conor McGregor has left an indelible mark on the world of combat sports, particularly in the UFC. With his unmatched confidence, elite skills, and charismatic persona, McGregor has captivated audiences not only in Ireland but across the globe, playing a pivotal role in elevating the status of the UFC.

Recently, in a podcast conversation between MMA veteran Josh Thomson and UFC referee John McCarthy, the topic of McGregor’s current contract situation with the promotion was discussed.

Thomson speculated that the UFC is strategically holding McGregor back until he signs a new contract. This alleged “sunset clause” is said to extend for another two years, effectively binding McGregor until the age of 37.

 “I think the UFC is going be holding him out until he re-signs a new contract. And that sunset clause is going to last another 2 years by then he would be 37 and they won’t care what he does”

Thomson further opined that McGregor is being metaphorically held hostage by the UFC, as they offer him fights that he is unlikely to accept in an attempt to initiate negotiations for a new contract.

Previously McGregor told Ariel Helwani in 2022 that he has two more left on his UFC contract and that he’s eager to stay in the promotion because ‘this is where his highlight reel is’.

McGregor is long rumored to be facing Michael Chandler but the date keeps on changing. The two were initially in talks to face eachother in back half of 2023 but the date kept getting pushed, allegedly due to USADA and now it’s 2024 and there’s still no announcement in sight.

Both McGregor and Chandler are eager and exchanging barbs on social media daily.

Conor McGregor teased a middleweight bout with Michael Chandler on June 29, though the UFC hasn’t confirmed the date and matchup. McGregor previously hinted at competing at UFC 300 on April 13, expressing interest in a landmark event.

Michael Chandler responds to McGregor’s tweet, accepting the challenge with a simple “I accept. See you soon.”

A potential fight between McGregor and Chandler has been in discussions for over two years, with the two serving as opposing coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 31.