UFC vet quit drinking after he got robbed of $200,000 by ‘Super Hot’ str*pper

Former UFC Light Heavyweight champion and renowned MMA star Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson recently opened up about a pivotal moment that altered the course of his life.

He recently disclosed how being robbed made him give up drinking. Jackson gave his life decisions some thought after the occurrence. This eventually played a role in his choice to completely give up drinking.

Jackson recently recounted the surprising incident that unfolded during a UFC watch alongside Brendan Schaub and Bradley Martyn on the fight companion. He detailed how in a vulnerable state , he fell victim to a stripper .

This resulted in a loss of nearly $200,000 worth of possessions, including valuable jewelry. Reflecting on the harrowing experience, Jackson swore to abstain from alcohol.

Jackson related: “I was in Vegas and I got so motherf****ng drunk that I got robbed at gunpoint. By a stripper yeah. She got me for almost $200,000 worth of sh*t…My jewelry and sh*t…I said ‘f**k that,”

“My biggest test is going to be New Years in Japan.”

Jackson boasts an iconic career in mixed martial arts, beginning professionally in 1999. He has an impressive record of 37-12-0 in the Light Heavyweight category, including 25 bouts within the UFC.

He was named the 2022 MMA Coach of the Year and has been a strong advocate for organizations like F3 Energy and the United Fight League. Quinton Jackson pursued careers in acting and professional wrestling, and he most recently competed in Bellator MMA. Jackson also interacts with his fans on social media and co-hosts the “Jaxxonpodcast.”

Expressing his aspiration to venture into boxing, Jackson expressed interest in organizing a match in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by the success of the crossover boxing event between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury, Jackson seeks to replicate this lucrative opportunity.