UFC vet Mike Swick completes body transformation after overcoming stage 4 cancer

MMA veteran Mike Swick recently unveiled the surprising results of his extraordinary body transformation following his victorious battle against cancer.

In January 2022, the former UFC championship title contender disclosed that he was suffering with Stage 4 lymphoblastic lymphoma. It is a disease that starts in blood cells and spreads to other organs.

During his battle against this lethal illness, Swick underwent a significant physical transformation. At his lowest point, the 6ft 1in combatant remarkably dropped to a mere 151lbs.

In a heartening update shared on social media in March of the same year, the 44-year-old disclosed his victory over cancer. He declared his freedom from what he described as ‘the most aggressive and deadly form of Lymphoma Leukaemia.’

Presently, this former middleweight and welterweight competitor stands at 205lbs. He shows immense pride in the distance he has traveled in his journey towards recovery.

Swick courageously revealed side-by-side images showcasing his surprising change. He has changed from a frail chemotherapy patient to a guy in better condition than the majority of former mixed martial arts competitors.

The unveiling of Swick’s transformation prompted an outpouring of support and admiration from the MMA community. UFC CEO Dana White and former light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson expressed their support. Also, MMA legend Rashad Evans and UFC light heavyweight contender Johnny Walker applauded Swick’s newfound physical strength.

Acknowledging his incredible accomplishment, Swick’s followers and fans lauded his achievement. They showered him with messages of support and encouragement.

Swick captioned: “I beat my fitness goal by 1 month. If you want to hear my whole journey of how I pushed my limits to save my life and come back stronger than ever, the podcast is now posted on YouTube with bonus content and the link is in my bio!”

Swick had a four-bout winning streak at the height of his career, which set up a welterweight title eliminator against Dan Hardy.

Recalling his prime, Swick embarked on an impressive four-bout winning streak, culminating in a welterweight title eliminator against Dan Hardy. Swick retired from his remarkable career of 21 matches in 2015.

Presently, Swick channels his profound expertise as the owner of AKA Thailand. It is a gym affiliated with the renowned American Kickboxing Academy. This is where retired UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov once trained.