UFC vet claims he and LeBron James have the same PED provider

Former UFC star Chael Sonnen has made some serious claims about LeBron James. He claims to be aware of the PEDs LeBron James is using.

Chael Sonnen recently spoke about the effects of PEDs on the Flagrant podcast, which is hosted by Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh. Additionally, he openly acknowledged having the same PED provider.

However, Chael Sonnen didn’t mean to accuse LeBron of any wrongdoing. He stated the following:

“If the world understood what LeBron did….If you know what these performance enhancers did, then you would know why it does matter. We have the same (PED) guy, I know exactly what he’s doing. EPO matters, it’s the reason LeBron takes it, it matters. EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you endurance so you can play all game long.”

The NBA prohibits the use of PEDs of any kind during the competition. However, its ‘soft’ testing and policies have drawn criticism for years.

Chael Sonnen continued by saying that as he is no longer competing professionally in MMA, he still uses PEDs to maintain his young appearance and physical fitness.

Sonnen will always be remembered as one of the most gifted competitors who never won a UFC title. He discussed a variety of topics during his appearance on the Flagrant podcast, including Jon Jones’ comeback to the UFC.

For years, Sonnen was the most prolific talker the UFC ever produced, and his talking often gets him into trouble. During the same interview he claimed to have made 8.8M for Anderson Silva contest while UFC publicly disclosed during the lawsuit that the highest earner that year was Anderson Silva with 4.9 million earnings for 2 bouts.