UFC Vegas 88 contest ends in scuffle after eyepoke no contest

After the co-main event at UFC Vegas 88, tensions escalated dramatically between UFC contenders Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa.

Initially, Battle showcased dominance within the first five minutes of the bout. But around the one-minute mark of the second round, an unfortunate incident occurred when Battle poked Loosa in the eye by mistake. This incident prompted a pause in the bout as Loosa informed the cageside physician about his impaired vision. Consequently, the match was declared a no-contest.

The official ruling stated the match between Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa as a no contest, occurring at 1:00 of Round 2 due to an accidental eye poke.

Subsequent after Bruce Buffer’s announcement, Battle and Loosa engaged in a heated exchange. Both of them ended up exchanging unpleasant words before the intervention of the referee and their respective corners. Notably, Loosa vocalised aggressive threats towards Battle, and said that he would “f*cking kill” Battle.

During his interview after the match with Michael Bisping, Bryan Battle vehemently criticised Ange Loosa’s actions. He suggesed that Loosa was seeking an excuse to withdraw from the match.

Battle expressed frustration towards Loosa’s conduct during the match. He stated: “You can’t tell me he wasn’t looking for a way out. He looked at me just a second ago looking like he wanted to fight. You wanna fight now, but you couldn’t fight a second ago? Bullsh*t. F*ckin’ p*ssy b*tch motherf*cker. I’m that dude. That’s what happens when dudes get in the cage with me. They look for ways out. They want to talk big. They want to talk all this sh*t, but once they feel this strength, they don’t want to be in here with me. He was looking for the first way out possible.”

The aftermath of the UFC Vegas 88 co-main event between Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa was marked by intense confrontations. Fans seem to think Loosa quit the match as he was losing.