UFC Vegas 74 competitor shows blood stained urine after taking a groin shot for the ages

In an preliminary card battle at UFC Vegas 74, bantamweights Daniel Santos and Johnny Munoz Jr. showcased their skills.

Originally scheduled for May but delayed by a month, both aimed to build on their recent victories and make their mark in the bantamweight division.

Right from the opening seconds, Santos, also known as “Willycat,” displayed his aggressive style by pressuring Munoz and launching a high kick. However, the bout was momentarily halted due to a low blow kick delivered by Santos.

Once the action resumed, Santos continued to unleash powerful strikes, while Munoz sought to take the action to the ground to neutralize Santos’ striking ability. Munoz attempted an armbar, but Santos managed to break free.

Surprisingly, Santos opted to engage in ground striking, but Munoz responded with a threatening triangle attempt. Santos eventually escaped and the action returned to the standing position. Munoz landed a low blow kick of his own, leading to another pause in the action.

As the bout progressed, the intensity increased, and both engaged in a clinch. Munoz attempted more takedowns and submission maneuvers, showcasing his game plan to counter Santos’ striking prowess. The round concluded with Munoz encouraging Santos to join him on the ground, but Santos declined as the horn sounded.

At the start of the second round, Santos once again pressed forward, while Munoz invited the clinch in an attempt to take the action to the ground. However, Santos maintained control and found himself in a top position, unleashing heavy ground-and-pound strikes. Santos dominated Munoz on the ground, maintaining control in Munoz’s guard and landing significant blows.

Entering the third round, Santos unintentionally landed yet another low blow kick on Munoz. Referee Herb Dean decided to deduct a point from Santos due to repeated infractions. This setback seemed to ignite Santos, who came out swinging. However, Munoz skillfully enticed Santos to enter his guard, enabling him to hunt for submissions once again. Santos attempted a guillotine choke but was unable to secure the finish. Despite the failed submission attempt, Santos effectively controlled Munoz against the cage, preventing any significant danger for the remainder of the round.

When the final horn sounded, the judges’ scorecards were required to determine the winner.

In a unanimous decision, Daniel Santos emerged victorious over Johnny Munoz Jr. with scores of 29-27 across all three judges.

Munoz shared an update after the bout that showcases why deducting a point wasn’t a bad decision.