UFC Vegas 58: Onama puts Armfield to sleep with arm triangle

UFC Vegas 58 originally matched Dana Onama with Austin Lingo. Lingo pulled out opening room for Garett Armfield. Armfield is a newbie in the UFC looking to make his debut as a short notice replacement.

Funnily enough, Armfield duked it out with Onama once before, as an amateur.

The two started the fight exchanging jabs. Armfield tied up Onama but Onama actually managed to land two takedowns. Armfield was scrambling a lot and pressured Onama to the cage. Onama attempted a kimura as he went down but Armfield managed to land on top.

Soon enough Onama was back on his feet and landed a couple lefts in order to close out Round 1.

Round two started with Onama throwing loaded strikes but Armfield appeared to have the edge in striking exchanges. Armfield shot on Onama, Onama sprawled and circled to the back. Armfield stood up and Onama took him down and once he rolled to his back Onama locked in an arm triangle which he initially defended but in the end put him out cold.

When all was said and done Onama provided some insight into victory at the presser:

” four years ago 2018 You know, I knew he got better. And he knew I got better too. So it would just kind of you know, just just fight and see and see, you know, see where things goes from there.”

When asked about keeping his 100% Finish rate. Onama replied
“Oh, it’s very important you know, it’s mandatory like I gotta get it done I gotta do it you know? So I’m happy man happy you know we got the we got the finish 100% finished rate.”

“you know we’re still just gonna keep doing this you know we want to get in better from here so you know it is what it is. “