UFC stars stunned by Schwarzenegger and Ngannou’s size difference that left Arnie feeling insecure

Francis Ngannou is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating and fearsome heavyweights to have ever graced the UFC Octagon.

His raw knockout power is the most petrifying attribute about the Cameroonian, let alone his massive body frame.

Despite becoming a free agent  earlier this year, Ngannou has been busy making appearances in unexpected places.

He has been trying to set up a boxing match with Tyson Fury inside the ring, and he has even been negotiating with Deontay Wilder. Recently, he appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and NFL star Mekhi Becton.

Ngannou shaking hands with Deontay Wilder
Ngannou shaking hands with Deontay Wilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner. While he’s been active in poitics for the last decade he became infamous for his intimidating physique displayed in several action hits in the 90s.

Ngannou’s nickname ‘Predator’ comes from the iconic 90s franchise Predator staring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He recently posted a photo of himself standing between Francis Ngannou and Mekhi Becton. The size difference between the three men was astounding, with Ngannou towering over the other two.

Arnie even captioned the post with a friendly jab at his friend Danny DeVito, who is known for his unusually short height. While DeVito stands at a mere 4’8″ tall, Ngannou’s towering stature of 6’7″ definitely makes him the DeVito of the group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger weighed about 235 lbs during his active competition days, and would go up to 260 lbs during his off-season.

In comparison, Francis Ngannou weighed in at his heaviest at 264 lbs during one of his UFC weigh-ins. However, the Cameroonian went up all the way to 300 lbs while recovering from recent knee surgery. While Arnold stands a mighty 6’2″ tall, Ngannou’s towering stature of 6’7″ makes him a physically imposing figure.

While Ngannou has an imposing physique there are bigger men. But UFC heavyweight does have a limit of 265lbs – meaning that much bigger men would have a harder time cutting weight. Not to mention that there are plenty of mainstream sports that would provide opportunities to capitalize on massive stature better.