UFC stars react to Kanye West styling himself with shin guards bought from amazon

Rapper Kanye West recently made headlines among MMA enthusiasts with his latest fashion choices. The musician was spotted alongside his new wife Bianca, leaving the popular West Hollywood venue Cecconi’s.

What caught the attention of MMA fans, however, was Ye’s outfit. West was seen sporting shin pads reminiscent of those used in Muay Thai, paired with socks but no shoes.

The shin guards are commonly available on amazon.

Topping it off, he wore a black sweater/jacket that bore a striking resemblance to the sauna suits commonly utilized for weight cutting in MMA.

UFC fans, and even some stars, had a field day cracking jokes about Kanye West’s unconventional attire. UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad even went as far as sharing a photoshopped picture of himself with Ye and Bianca.

One UFC middleweight, Derek Brunson, playfully wrote, “Why is Kanye walking around town with Muay Thai shin guards on? 😂😂😂” This witty comment prompted a slew of humorous responses.

“He’s transitioning into MMA—I’m so excited for McGregor vs. West! 💀”
“Damn, he’s even wearing a trash bag to cut weight. He’s extra committed.”
“He’s like a power rangers villain, lol.”
“I have coffee at 9, but meeting Darth Vader at 11.”
“It seems he hasn’t learned how to check kicks, so when Kim comes flying at him, he’s good.”

Kanye West has often courted controversy through his strong opinions on sensitive topics. While you’d think West’s values would align with the UFC fanbase, he’s actually had public clashes with the CEO of UFC’s parent company (ie Dana White’s boss Ari Emanuel).

Kanye West expressed his dissatisfaction with Ari Emanuel, the owner of UFC, for endorsing a boycott against him. West emphasized that he values the people who support him rather than being defined by money. The focus of West’s criticism was on Ari Emanuel’s actions and the impact they had on him personally.

Following Emanuel’s op-ed cancelling West, a number of prominent companies cut their ties with West.

West was once also sneak dissed at a UFC presser. After Jon Jones latest run in with the law a fan who was at the press conference went on to say:

“Jon, you’re a freakin inspiration, I love you man…but like Kanye West, it is hard to be your fan!”