UFC star to hospital after suffering through a flying groin strike

In a recent UFC clash in Las Vegas, Qileng Aoriqileng faced an unexpected setback that led to a trip to the hospital. The incident occurred during his match against Daniel Marcos on the undercard of Jack Hermansson vs Joe Pyfer’s headline event.

Immediately after the bout, Aoriqileng was rushed to the emergency room. He underwent a testicular ultrasound and a precautionary CT scan of his head and face. The match ended up being declared a no-contest.

Aoriqileng’s manager Wang Le provided reassurance about the combatant’s overall health. However, there was an issue as “the tubes around his testicles were swollen.”

He said: “He is okay. The structure of his testicles is okay, but the tubes around his testicles are swollen.”

The match itself witnessed a series of illegal moves, with three low blows and an eye poke leading to the bout’s premature conclusion.

After getting caught in the crotch by Marcos, Aoriqileng attempted to continue. But he was unable to do so after taking the full five count. At 3:28 of the second round, the bout was declared a no-contest and formally waived off.

Aoriqileng wasn’t the sole UFC combatant seeking medical attention that Saturday night. Ihor Potieria and Fernie Garcia also underwent precautionary CT scans after their respective bouts.

Pyfer’s status as the new UFC golden boy was jeopardized on Saturday when he lost to Hermansson by unanimous decision. The five-round headline match showcased Hermansson’s dominance in the latter half of the bout, earning a 48-47 verdict on all three judges’ scorecards.

This defeat marked Pyfer’s first loss within the promotion. Additionally, the Las Vegas event marked the first time Pyfer headlined a UFC event, facing a seasoned combatant like Hermansson who has been with the UFC since 2016.

The night in Las Vegas witnessed both wins and adversity, with combatants like Aoriqileng facing unexpected challenges and others like Hermansson securing victories amidst intense competition.