UFC star Jorge Masvidal ridicules idea of facing Jake Paul in MMA

Jorge Masvidal has expressed interest in facing Jake Paul but believes that the YouTuber-turned-boxer is not capable of handling him. Masvidal’s comments come after Paul earned first defeat against Tommy Fury, which ended in a split decision.

The media has been buzzing with news about Jake Paul, especially after a recent confrontation with Floyd Mayweather and his group during a Miami Heat game. Paul was seen fleeing from the scene, leading to speculations about his courage and spirit.

Masvidal and Paul have had their fair share of disagreements, but their relationship was not always hostile.

In fact, Masvidal had helped Paul prepare for his boxing showdown with Ben Askren. However, things changed when Paul signed a contract to face former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, and Masvidal expressed disappointment with Paul’s sudden change in attitude.

Speaking about Paul’s behavior, Masvidal said, “He started acting like a h*e. He switched up randomly one day; it was like, you know he has the same manager as Tyron, so of course, when I signed the deal with Tyron and then boom like he’s instantly like ‘F**k Jake Paul, Tyron’s going to beat this guy’s ass.’ But I’m like, weren’t you the one asking me to hang out and do your little YouTube videos and s*it?”

Despite their differences, Paul had offered Masvidal $5 million plus a cut of the pay-per-view revenue for a match. Masvidal responded to the offer on Twitter, but nothing concrete has been discussed considering Masvidal is likely to be on a lengthy UFC contract.

During a recent interview on the DAZN Boxing Show, Masvidal claimed that Paul would not stand a chance against him, especially after his loss to Fury. He said, “Jake Paul wouldn’t be ready for that heat.”

Masvidal is a seasoned MMA veteran, with 50 professional bouts under his belt. In 2019, he headlined Madison Square Garden for the “BMF” title. On the other hand, Paul has several options ahead of him, with a rematch with Fury being the most likely scenario.