UFC star: I’m so broke, I’m probably going to have to rob someone in the car park

UFC contender Tyson Pedro announced his retirement from the promotion on Saturday night, raising concerns about his financial future.

In an emotional conclusion to his eight-year-long UFC journey, the 32-year-old gracefully retired from the MMA scene after losing to Vitor Petrino in his latest match.

As Pedro stepped away from the ring on that Saturday night, a crucial question lingered on his mind – how does one secure a financial future beyond the octagon?

Addressing the media, Pedro candidly shared the harsh financial realities that often accompany a career in mixed martial arts.

During the press conference afterwards, Pedro jokingly contemplated alternative means to offset his financial setbacks. He playfully suggested the possibility of resorting to unconventional measures, such as robbing someone in the parking lot for money.

Pedro stated: “With the (tax) deductions and the loss of the fight tonight, I’m probably going to have to rob someone in the car park. … Who’s got the most on them?”

The MMA community couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness at the thought of their beloved competitor grappling with financial uncertainties.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“You notice how you never hear NFL special teamers being like, “I am comically poor and have to go back to Uber driving to afford food”. Yet in MMA that’s every week. Weird.”

“this has to be pretty embarrassing as a company standpoint. a fighter is giving his retirement speech and its about his financial situation.”

“If someone makes a legit go fund me I would donate to dude”

“It’s kinda wild a fighter on the main card in the top promotion in the world can be struggling financially. UFC needs to be paying these guys better man”

As Tyson Pedro embarks on a new chapter beyond the octagon, the echoes of his financial concerns serve as a reminder of the challenges many contenders face outside the spotlight.