UFC star Ciryl Gane responds to getting objectified by a ring girl

This Saturday night at UFC Paris, Gane faced Tai Tuivasa. He downplayed the viral moment in which Arianny Celeste checked him out during the weigh ins.

Ciryl Gane has shrugged off the infamous incident in which popular UFC ring lady Arianny Celeste drooled over him.

After Gane checked in for his heavyweight championship bout against Francis Ngannou at UFC 270 in January, fans noted that Gane and Celeste briefly seemed to lock eyes. Social media users shared the video widely, and millions of people watched it on YouTube. Insisting that he was staring at one of his coaches and not Celeste, Gane is aware of the attention it garnered.

Gane told to Mirror,

“I didn’t see it [as that] because you see me turn [around] but it was for my coach, not the ring girl. That’s why it makes the video a little bit funny, because when you look at it you think I look at the girl and she looks at me, but no. I don’t know if my wife saw it, but it’s OK.”

It’s not the first time Celeste has gained notoriety for objectifying a competitor during weigh ins. Back at UFC 141, more than ten years ago, when Alistair Overeem went on the scale to face Brock Lesnar, Celeste was taken aback by his physique.

Celeste is not alone here either, Joe Rogan was famously caught checking out Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate respectively.

Gane ended up knocking out Tai Tuivasa in a must-see main event.

Through round 1 Gane was very measured and Tuivasa attempted to walk him down and pin him to the fence. While Gane likely won on points nobody will really remember that round 1 come Monday morning.

The action ramped up tremendously in round 2. Gane and Tuivasa had good sportsmanship throughout but it didn’t stop them from delivering on a round of must see television. Tuivasa started off by knocking Cyril Gane down and following up with some serious heavy shots.

Gane retaliated landing a heavy body kick and then following that up with a series of knees straight to Tuivasa’s gut. Both of them were bleeding before the round was up – and no victor was announced.

Gane was substantially more strategic in round 3. He injured Tuivasa several times and didn’t really get snagged himself. Tuivasa had struggled to take the gut shots. TUivasa deserves serious admiration just for how stubborn he is.