UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer retires after 16 Years with UFC

Brittney Palmer is an iconic UFC ring girl who has worked with the promotion since a long time.

Palmer recently achieved a milestone at the World MMA Awards by winning the prestigious ‘Ring Girl of the Year’ title. Palmer took the opportunity during her acceptance speech to disclose an emotional decision.

She confirmed that the forthcoming UFC 296 event would signify the end of her remarkable 16-year tenure with the organization.

Expressing profound gratitude, Palmer conveyed: “Thank you everyone. I truly am honored to accept this award. Thank you to the UFC. Fighter’s Only, and all the fans who voted for me. Well, there’s no better time to say it. But after 16 years with UFC, I’ve decided to retire. This weekend will be my last event, and I’m so, absolutely grateful for this unforgettable experience.”

She continued: “I’ve traveled the world and met some incredible people, and I’ve met some lifelong friends. I will forever appreciate the memories and I’m so excited for the future. Thank you to the UFC, Dana White and to all the fans for this incredible honor. I’m truly blessed to be a part of this journey. I love you guys.”

Following her heartfelt announcement, Chael Sonnen invited Palmer back to the stage. Palmer bid her final goodbye by ceremoniously placing her signature short shorts in retirement, symbolizing the end of an era.

Palmer has a lengthy history with the UFC, so this wasn’t her first Ring Girl of the Year honor. The award was given to her for in 2012, 2013, 2019, 2022, and now in 2023. Also, she made a respectable sum of money as a ring girl throughout her tenure with the organization.

Brittney Palmer’s legacy transcends her role as a UFC ring girl. Her departure marks the conclusion of an iconic chapter. As she embarks on a new journey, her profound impact and contributions to the UFC will become a part of its storied history.