UFC legend Jon Jones’ meets up with Mark Zuckerberg

Current UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently met Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently. Since he began learning jiu-jitsu, Zuckerberg has sometimes been seen training with famous competitors.

In surprising pictures posted on Jones’ account, the duo can be seen enjoying a gaming session. Both Jones and Zuckerberg were engrossed in playing video games on Meta’s innovative Quest VR headsets. This meeting this time was more about virtual fun than physical training.

The images of Jon Jones and Mark Zuckerberg gaming together sparked mixed reactions among fans. While some viewed it as a unique and interesting connection between two different worlds, others expressed strong disapproval at the UFC legend for socializing with the tech mogul.

Several fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions on the matter.

One user @gigs_420 expressed concern over Jones’ association with Zuckerberg. He commented: “C’mon man, you’re supposed to be a child of God, need to stay away from these unholy beings.”

Another Twitter user @angelwarriorarmy openly displayed his animosity towards the Meta CEO, saying: “I don’t know why everyone is supporting this geek. He’s doing nothing but plugging people into the machine, putting AI control over humans.”

A comment from @karan.vasireddi read, “Did Zuck donate to a charity for domestic violence or something? 🤔”

Joining the critical bandwagon, @salty5oh wrote: “Bones thought you supported the 2A God, living free, but yet you support one the biggest grimiest dudes on the planet smh unfollowed bro.”

@dukecitydeplorable2.0 requested Jones to pass on a message to Zuckerberg: “Tell him to stop censoring free speech.”

Despite the social media frenzy, there might be more to Jon Jones and Mark Zuckerberg’s friendship than meets the eye. Speculations about a match between Zuckerberg and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have started circulating online. This intriguing rumor surfaced after the two engaged in a fiery exchange during an online interaction.

Jon Jones has already weighed in on the potential showdown. In a recent tweet, the MMA GOAT pledged his support for the Facebook founder.

He tweeted: “You already know I am Team Zuck…. Let me know if you need a training partner!”