UFC legend grills Tyron Woodley on if Jake Paul match was fixed

In a humorous exchange on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s podcast, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley faced questions about the legitimacy of his matches against Jake Paul. Known for his playful banter, Rampage Jackson amusingly asked Woodley to “blink twice” if the fights were rigged, adding a touch of levity to the ongoing controversy.

The two-time clash between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul in 2021 sparked discussions about the authenticity of the bouts, with some fans speculating that Woodley may have signed agreements not to knock out Paul. The controversy gained traction due to moments in the fights where Woodley had opportunities to secure a knockout.

Rampage Jackson, during the podcast, injected humor into the situation, asking Woodley the lighthearted question, “I’m sorry to ask you this. But, blink twice if the Jake Paul fight was a set up.” Woodley responded with a jest, stating, “I would never blink because I got these little bitty eyes.”

Following the playful banter, Woodley addressed the rigging controversy seriously, asserting that the fights were not staged. He explained that the offered payout for such an arrangement would need to be significantly higher for any consideration, emphasizing the respect he holds for the integrity of the sport.

“A lot of people wonder about that. But, think about this. If I said, ‘Rampage, Imma pay you two million bucks. Let this dude beat you.’ What are you gonna do? You’re going to feel disrespected number one. That ain’t enough money,” Woodley remarked.

Woodley highlighted that the compensation he received for the Jake Paul fights surpassed his overall earnings from the UFC. Despite the controversy, Woodley expressed interest in facing Paul again, especially as Paul has shown interest in transitioning to MMA. Woodley has openly offered himself as a potential opponent for Paul’s MMA debut.