UFC legend disses Andrew Tate: ‘That’s the physique of a guy that eats donuts’

Former three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen has recently given his take on the controversy surrounding Andrew Tate’s physique. The controversial social media star recently shared the results of his blood work in an attempt to prove his innocence regarding the use of PEDs.

However, Tate’s results showed that he had the equivalent level of testosterone to a moderate TRT user, according to Canadian bodybuilder Derek of the More Plates More Dates infamy. Despite this, Sonnen firmly believes that Tate’s chiseled physique is the result of natural means.

“I’ve followed [Andrew Tate] for a long time. I do actually think he’s natural. However, I do think that what he has posted has completely kind of done the opposite of helping reinforce what he is trying to prove here,” Derek revealed. “This is showing that he basically has the equivalent level to a guy who’s on a moderate TRT dose.”

Sonnen’s Experience with PEDs

As someone who knows a thing or two about PED use, Sonnen suggested that his experience in the field led him to believe that Andrew Tate is 100% clean.

Chael Sonnen has been suspended twice for using PEDs during his career. The first suspension occurred in 2010 after his bout with Anderson Silva, and the second suspension occurred in 2014 after he failed a test for anastrozole and clomiphene.

Sonnen even gave a detailed description of Tate’s daily routine and eating habits to support his claim.

“You want to know what Andrew Tate’s physique is like? Here, I’ll tell you exactly. Likely has a long and drawn-out morning that likely involves water. Maximum with juice and a minimum coffee and somewhere later in the day will finally have a meal. And around bedtime, he’s gonna have something else that’s probably really good. It could even be a donut. And then works out for about 45 minutes fairly regularly. About five times a week and not at the world’s most strenuous pace. That’s what that physique is. There’s not even a maybe whether it’s clean or not.”

Notably, Sonnen highlighted that the physique of someone who uses steroids is distinct from Tate’s. He argued that Tate’s body looks like that of a person who eats donuts and works out for about 45 minutes regularly.


Andrew Tate’s Legal Troubles

It is worth noting that Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan Tate and three other individuals, were arrested in Romania last December on suspicion of forming an organized criminal group among other things. After more than three months in custody, all parties were released on the condition of house arrest while the investigation continues.