UFC legend Chuck Liddell accuses estranged wife of custodial violation

The tumultuous divorce and custody battle between UFC legend Chuck Liddell and his estranged wife Heidi Northcott has recently taken a dramatic twist. This latest development has escalated into a full-fledged court battle.

As per court records, Chuck Liddell has made serious accusations against Heidi. He claims that she violated their custody arrangement by denying him access to their two children on his birthday, which falls on December 17.

Chuck asserts that he arrived at Heidi’s residence to pick up the children on his birthday. But she allegedly drove away with them, refusing to adhere to their agreed-upon custody arrangements.

Chuck’s legal representation issued a statement, emphasizing the lack of justification for Heidi’s actions:

“There is no justification or excuse [Heidi] has for refusing and/or denying [Chuck] his custodial time with the minor children on his birthday.”

The pair divorced in 2021 after ten years of marriage, which resulted in significant legal issues. Amidst the highly publicized divorce, Heidi accused Liddell of domestic abuse. This led to Liddell being arrested, and he was subsequently released due to a ‘lack of evidence.’

Chuck and Heidi’s accusations and counter-accusations offer a look into their challenging relationship. The involvement of court-appointed lawyers and the potential testimony of the children adds more layers to this high-profile case.

Contrary to Chuck’s claims, Heidi denies violating the custody arrangement and has taken a proactive stance to dispute his charges.

The legal drama unfolded when Chuck alleged Heidi’s breach of custody arrangements on his birthday, seeking the court’s intervention to hold her in contempt. As documented in court records, Heidi’s response presents a different narrative.

In an effort to refute Chuck’s accusations, Heidi has asked for their two children to be questioned by a court-appointed attorney. Heidi’s initiative shows that she wants to provide a comprehensive account of the events leading up to Chuck’s accusations.

Heidi contends that Chuck had spoken with their kids on the day of the disagreement as well as the day before. She asserts that Chuck displayed hesitation in attending their daughter’s cheerleading performance, a significant event that coincided with his birthday.

Heidi said that their daughter’s cheering competition was more “important.” When Chuck arrived at her residence, their son chose to stay with his mother. This led a huge disagreement from Chuck.

This custody dispute unfolds against the backdrop of Chuck and Heidi’s decision to temporarily settle their custody battle and negotiate a divorce agreement. Under the temporary agreement, Chuck is obligated to pay $2,104 in child support and $2,689 in spousal support monthly. Heidi also has the right to withdraw $2,000 from a joint bank account, with potential adjustments based on Chuck’s future responsibilities.