UFC legend BJ Penn questions Mother Theresa in latest unhinged rant

BJ Penn has recently captured the spotlight due to an Instagram post that many perceive as indicative of mental instability.

BJ Penn is known for his incredible heart, grappling prowess, and epic matches. He emerged as one of the first big-time UFC stars from Hawaii. Renowned for his exceptional ground skills, he possessed an uncanny ability to control his legs and feet as adeptly as arms and hands. His dedication and skill led him to engage in many memorable and thrilling matches throughout his career.

Despite ultimately retiring after an 0-7 run, BJ Penn’s accomplishments in the UFC and the world of combat sports remain etched in history. He achieved the distinction of becoming the first-ever American to win a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world championship. He is the second-ever UFC combatant to secure titles in multiple weight classes. Although his career experienced an unfortunate ending, BJ Penn remains an instrumental figure in the early lightweight and welterweight division history of the UFC.

BJ Penn made a post on Instagram, where he questioned whether renowned humanitarian Mother Theresa might have been a CIA spy.

He posted a picture of Mother Teresa along with the caption: “WTF world do we live in? Was Mother Theresa a CIA spy? Just another actor? #weird #eyelid #mothertheresa”

Surprisingly, BJ Penn’s claim about Mother Theresa being a CIA spy was solely based on her appearance, specifically her ‘weird-looking’ eyelid in a photograph. Strikingly, there was no substantial evidence or credible sources to back up this audacious assertion. Penn merely presented a picture of Mother Theresa and penned a caption with these wild allegations.

The MMA community reacted with a mix of emotions to Penn’s post. One fan commented: “Liked by Jose Aldo got me crying (in laughter)”

Another fan said: “I was reading my friend a bunch of his posts last night during Paul vs Diaz and she’s like ‘Okay stop, I can’t handle this schizophrenia’”

BJ Penn previously claimed dinosaurs weren’t real.


Penn previously attempted getting into politics with mixed results. Once he lost the primary gubernatorial race he claimed he was getting pressured to endorse another candidate and made a series of strange rants.

Many fans suspect Penn is one of the UFC alumni most likely to suffer from some sort of a brain degenerative disease stemming from years of doing MMA.