UFC interim heavyweight champ reveals Stipe Miocic turned down UFC 300 showcase

In a surprising turn of events, Tom Aspinall recently disclosed that he was presented with an opportunity to face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 300. The interim heavyweight champion promptly accepted the proposition.

The UFC landscape is already buzzing with talks of a heavyweight championship clash between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic. UFC CEO Dana White has been vocal about promoting the Jones-Miocic bout. However, Aspinall’s revelation suggests a different perspective.

According to Aspinall, his manager received the call regarding the UFC 300 bout against Stipe Miocic several days ago. As revealed in his social media post, he expressed his enthusiasm for the matchup.

He wrote: “While we are talking about @stipemiocic my manager was contacted by the UFC asking if I’d like to fight him on Apr 13th. I, of course, accepted.”

Tom Aspinall secured the interim UFC heavyweight championship in November. He then positioned himself for a potential clash with Miocic at UFC 300. Nevertheless, Miocic turned down the offer in order to wait for Jones’ return.

Due to an elbow surgery and a damaged pectoral muscle, Jon Jones won’t be able to return until mid-2024. Even though Aspinall won the interim title, he is still in a precarious situation without a clear route to a title shot.

Publicly expressing his discontent with the UFC’s matchmaking decisions, Aspinall has criticized the lack of objectivity in selecting title contenders. Despite his interim championship status, Aspinall struggles to secure high-profile matches that would solidify his position as a legitimate titleholder.

Acknowledging the challenging circumstances, Aspinall took to social media to announce his acceptance of the situation. He declared his decision to stop pursuing a matchup and expressed respect for both Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic.

He wrote on Twitter: “On that note. I will stop crying, accept it ain’t gonna happen and enjoy the fight that me and all the other fans want to see. Legend vs legend for the heavyweight title. Maximum respect guys. Yay.”

As news of Aspinall’s revelation spreads, fans speculate about the UFC’s next moves and the potential impact on its combatants. With UFC 300 on the horizon, the spotlight on the heavyweight division intensifies.