UFC interim champ Tom Aspinall backs “misunderstood” Paddy Pimblett

In his last match, rising star Paddy Pimblett (21-3 MMA) secured a unanimous decision victory against Tony Ferguson (25-10 MMA) in December’s UFC 296 event. This win marked Pimblett’s seventh consecutive win, five of which were earned under the prestigious UFC banner.

However, the 29-year-old hasn’t been without controversy. From grappling with weight challenges to engaging in intense trash talk and delivering performances that fell short of expectations, Pimblett has elicited mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

In an interview last year, Pimblett opened up about the toll online hate has taken on his mental health. Despite advocating for mental health awareness, he faced a barrage of negative comments. This prompted him to distance himself from social media.

Pimblett said: “I’m trying to be a mental health advocate and tell people to speak out about things, then I’ve got people commenting on my posts telling me to kill myself. I don’t sign into my social media anymore, I have other people running it. I send them what to put up, I can’t be signing into it anymore. I’ve had to take a step back from social media.”

Adding a new perspective to Pimblett’s narrative, current interim UFC heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall shared his thoughts on the Breaking Beard podcast. Contrary to the negative opinions circulating about Pimblett, Aspinall defended his fellow Brit.

Aspinall said: “He’s a good guy man, he’s good. I think he’s pretty misunderstood, you know? I think he was getting a lot of hate at one point, and I think he’s like – from my experience with him, I mean, I don’t know him, he’s not like my best mate or anything, but I’ve known him quite a long time at this point. He’s a good guy, yeah, I can’t say anything bad about him.”

While clarifying that they aren’t “best mates,” Aspinall expressed a protective sentiment toward Pimblett.

In November of last year at UFC 295, the 30-year-old Aspinall faced and beat Sergei Pavlovich (18-2 MMA) by knockout.

Both Aspinall and Pimblett await their next Octagon appearances, as the UFC has yet to announce challengers or dates for their upcoming matches.