UFC icon Chuck Liddell stares down bodybuilder after he questions how the two would square off

Bradley Martyn is a renowned fitness influencer and social media sensation. He once again sparked intrigue among fans with his recent query to Chuck Liddell, the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Martyn is known for his podcast Raw Talk, where he frequently invites MMA combatants as guests. The fitness guru is known for challenging martial artists to a brawl by asking them whether they could defeat him.

Martyn chatted with Liddell on the most recent Raw Talk podcast episode, covering a range of mixed martial arts-related subjects. Martyn asked Liddell his famous question as usual, and the UFC legend momentarily lost all mental clarity.

It seems that Liddell was unaware of Martyn’s ploy and couldn’t understand why the podcast host believed he could defeat him.

Liddell called himself a “heavy-handed brawler,” before Martyn posed the question. Lidell was taken aback by Martyn’s question and only gazed at the influencer.

Bradley then laughed and inquired whether he was aware of the videos that went viral showing him asking MMA combatants if they could square off on the pavement.

Liddell then answered: “Oh, I didn’t know that. No, I don’t give you much of a shot. I don’t know what your background is, so you never know.”

A prior interaction between Nate Diaz and Bradley Martyn on the podcast became viral when Martyn playfully asked Diaz about a hypothetical stre et brawl between them. Diaz humorously affirmed his victory, leading to varied fan reactions.

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley offered his perspective on a potential clash between Nate Diaz and Bradley Martyn.

O’Malley said on his YouTube channel: “There’s only one way to ever find out. You can get a good idea in a cage, you guys could do it in a cage with rules. Bradley’s so massive, imagine he picks him up. Get a hold, pick up, and slam. So it changes with actual rules. It’s so hard to say.”