UFC hopeful rents a billboard outside the UFC offices in the hopes of getting signed

When applying for any job, sports-related or not, a prospective employer normally looks for three things. They are a résumé, cover letter, and references.

Michael Wojo is a 28-year-old UFC fan hailing from Toronto, Canada. It seems like he has chosen an unconventional path to pursue his dream role.

With a fervent desire to work for the top MMA promotion, Wojo went beyond the conventional job-seeking methods. He orchestrated a bold move that caught the attention of both fans and industry insiders alike.

In a remarkable move, Wojo invested in a full-sized billboard strategically positioned outside the UFC offices in Las Vegas.

During UFC Vegas 84 which is the promotion’s first event of the year,  Aaron Bronsteter of Sportsnet noticed and tweeted it to his 82,300 followers on X.

He wrote: “Michael Wojo, a 28-year-old who resides near Toronto, took out a billboard ad outside of the UFC offices in Las Vegas with the hope that @danawhite sees it and hires him for a job with the promotion. Best of luck, Michael!


Bronsteter’s tweet catalyzed a chain reaction, with Wojo’s story gaining momentum across various media outlets. The Las Vegas Review-Journal featured the unconventional job application. Esteemed MMA journalists Keith Shillan and Amy Kaplan also joined the conversation, covering the news.

The unconventional job application took an unexpected turn when Wojo’s story transcended digital platforms. Securing a radio appearance on 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas, Wojo is set to be interviewed by Chet Buchannon on Tuesday morning. This development underscores the growing interest in his journey, both within the MMA community and mainstream media.

While the outcome of Wojo’s unconventional approach to job hunting is still uncertain, the narrative surrounding his billboard plea continues to evolve. The attention it has garnered suggests that, whether or not he secures a position with the UFC, his unique strategy has already carved out a distinctive place.