UFC Heavyweight Tai Tuivasa denies he had both testicles removed due to infection

For any MMA fighter, the hormonal status is very relevant. As such it’s particularly interesting when a heavyweight contender gets outed – for having no testicles.

Recently a video clip was unearthed in which teammates Tyson Pedro and Robert Whittaker discus Tai Tuivasa’s predicament.

Whittaker and Pedro discussed the native tattoos – apparently Pedro was there for some of Tuivasa’s tattoos that ultimately ended up costing him. The same tattoo artist was in charge of their tattoos.

On a podcast Whittaker cohosts with his jiu jitsu coach, Pedro revealed:

“Yeah, he had an infection”

Coach asked: “and because I heard his infections was bad?”

“Yeah, it went. So there’s one line that goes inside and it goes up to your crotch area. And they had to actually remove his testicles.”  Pedro clarified

“Both testicles?”

“Yeah. ”

“So how’s he fighting that?”

A little bit later on they clarified

“Yeah, so that was really unfortunate. Yeah, Sad. Sad though.” Pedro clarified
“How did it happen?” coach asked again.

“I’m pretty sure he’s got prosthetics now. Oh, because the infection so the doctor that just it just yeah, the two rubber they’re two prosthetic rubber balls now.”

On a different podcast episode Tuivasa confirmed his predicament.

Coach confronted Tai:

“The question that will happen was people asked me so legit question. They asked me if you got USADA exemption for your lack of testicles or otherwise it was a legit question that somebody asked”

“I’ve got the same question. They say Is it true that Ty is allowed to use growth hormone because of his lack of testosterone?” Whittaker added

“No” Tuivasa refused to confirm adding “This is just Tyson being a f**kwit, I got a kid to his sister. ”

“F**king shooting something”

Tuivasa then confirmed “My balls are all good here.”