UFC Hall of famer Mark Coleman returns to training just days after devastating house fire that almost killed him

Mark Coleman is one of the most lovable UFC stars. Recently, tragedy struck as Coleman became a victim of a house fire.

Fortunately, his dog Hammer acted as a saviour and alerted Coleman in the night. This timely warning enabled Coleman to help his parents get out of the house unharmed.

The fire tragically claimed the life of the dog. Even Mark Coleman had to stay in the hospital for many days.

Despite enduring days in the hospital, Coleman’s resilient spirit prevailed. With determination and fortitude, the former UFC champion swiftly recuperated. Remarkably, Coleman wasted no time in returning to the gym.

Today, social media platforms buzzed with a heartening sight. UFC welterweight contender Matt Brown shared a video on Instagram. He showed himself alongside Coleman in the training cage.

The video showed Coleman flexing for the camera. Even after the horrific fire that occurred just a few days ago, the former champion seemed to be in high spirits.

Coleman later reuploaded the video to his own social media accounts. The heavyweight then wrote a post expressing his gratitude to the public and thanking them for their support. Coleman continued by saying that while he’s still healing, he hopes to resume his workout regimen shortly.

The video itself is just another evidence of Mark Coleman’s unwavering spirit. Fans have shown their support for the legend on social media after the home fire last week. But judging from his videos, it seems like he’s improving.