UFC Hall of Famer Anderson Silva’s calls for legalizing PEDs in MMA igniting fan backlash

Anderson Silva has his name etched in the annals of mixed martial arts, and is celebrated as one of the sport’s greatest icons. He once held the UFC’s all-time record for consecutive title defenses. In addition, he was just inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in July.

Despite his past brilliance, Silva’s late-career entanglement with PEDs has sparked discourse within the MMA community. While historically forgiving of his lapses, fans’ sentiments are evolving.

Recently, Anderson Silva raised some eyebrows when he said on a podcast that combatants should be able to use PEDs legally to help prevent injuries caused by the physical strain of mixed martial arts. He also made it clear that anybody who tests positive during fight week ought to face consequences.


Fans’ opinions of the former middleweight champion of the UFC have swiftly soured as a result of his recommendation that the organization allow PEDs. Fans have started to turn against Anderson Silva despite his previous claims that all of his positive dr*g tests were an accident.

The once-admired figure now faces an upsurge in criticism. Once supportive, fans have pivoted and started accusing him of manipulating PEDs throughout his career.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“St**oid cheat is in favor of athletes using st**oids, Shocker”

“There’s a reason why he lost almost all of his fights after USADA came.”

“Hes in favor because he was on the sauce most of his career lol”

Following his successful middleweight championship defense against Stephan Bonnar, Anderson Silva’s career saw a severe decline. Initially, he suffered back-to-back defeats to Chris Weidman, the second of which resulted in one of the worst leg fractures in UFC history.

On his return, he competed against Nick Diaz. The Brazilian’s first victory was declared void because of his failed PED tests.

Later on, he was defeated by Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping. Despite winning against Derek Brunson, the result of the match was controversial.

Silva then went on to lose the next three bouts to finish his career 1-7-1 in his last 9 matches.