UFC GOAT Mighty Mouse evaluates Andrew Tate’s boxing skills

In a recent breakdown on his channel, former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson provided an insightful evaluation of Andrew Tate’s kickboxing performance in his last bout dating back to 2020.

Andrew Tate, a prominent online personality, gained global recognition in 2021, not only for his online presence but also as a successful entrepreneur and former professional kickboxer. With an impressive record of 76 wins and 9 losses, including winning the ISKA Full Contact Cruiserweight championship in England, Tate’s martial arts background has come under scrutiny as he hinted at a potential boxing match with influencer Jake Paul.

Retiring from kickboxing in 2016 after a loss to Ibrahim El Boustati, Tate made a comeback in 2020, engaging in three matches. However, the competitive nature of these matches was questioned, given Tate’s lack of a real fight camp and the fact that he faced inexperienced opponents who called him out.

“The biggest thing is I would say, his kickboxing is legit. He didn’t throw one leg kick the whole entire time. I think the fight could have been totally different. Like he wasn’t really putting a lot of combinations together, he was more retreating and bringing his head back and like catching him with the check hook – left hook and right hook.” Johnson said.

His last bout in December 2020 featured a match against 19-year-old Cosmin Lingurar, who challenged Tate for his debut. Despite the experience gap, the match showcased intriguing dynamics. In the first round, Lingurar aggressively pressed Tate, who skillfully defended himself. The second round saw a remarkable turnaround as Tate dominated with a swift combination of punches, securing a standing TKO victory.

Demetrious Johnson, providing commentary on the fight, acknowledged the experience difference between Tate and Lingurar. He commended Tate’s legitimate kickboxing skills, noting his strategic retreat, head movement, and effective check hooks. Johnson emphasized that Tate’s performance could have been even more impactful had he incorporated leg kicks into his strategy.

In summary, Johnson’s honest opinion validated Andrew Tate as a legitimate kickboxer, recognizing the nuances of his technique and strategic approach in the ring.